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Fine Art Prints

Order High Quality Prints through Cat's Eye

Cat offers many options for Prints and Reproductions of her work such as Vivid Metals, Canvas Gallery Wraps, Acrylic Wall Art, and more! 

Whether you're interested in getting professional copies of your photography session with Cat, or recently viewed some of her Fine Art Photography and would like to purchase a reproduction of her work, we've got you covered!

Galleries & Features

Cat's Eye's most recent feature: 
The Rangeley Fine Arts Theater Downtown Rangeley, Maine. 

Here's what she has to say about it:

"My work showcased in this Gallery is a visual representation of my rooted and growing passion for what it means to be a 'Mainer'. Growing up on the coast with my family instilled an infatuation with small fishing villages and picturesque nautical settings. It wasn't until relocating to Rangeley that I realized I've only begun to fall in love with Maine. From scenic panoramic landscapes, to focused intimate details, there's no shortage of beauty and inspiration to be absorbed. I hope you enjoy getting a closer look from the Cat's Eye perspective."

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