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Get Clicked | ft. Mountain Miracles Med Spa


GET CLICKED: Intro to the Concept

It's no secret that I've been telling anyone who will listen lately about how you can improve your online presence with simple, FREE, tools; they're practically begging for you to use them and they're easier to maintain that you'd think! My Get Clicked campaign is just my way of helping the local business community get up to speed with the digital generation, (while maintaining that small town ambiance). If, potential business owner or professional, you are interested in how you could drive business into your doors more consistently, using the tools already available to you for free, then lend me your attention for a 7 minute read.

Even if you're not "tech savvy", you've probably heard of Google. They are the top online search engine in the world right now; an ever-expanding company dedicated to helping improve quality of life through technology and convenience. That being said, you've most likely "Googled" something on your smart device at some point. Whether you're looking for local dining options, directions to a friends' house, or surfing articles you find interesting, Google helps you find the most relevant content on the web using key words and image searches. Online Search Engines have changed the way our economy functions. The consumer market relies more heavily now on search engine results than ever before. Some of us are clinging to phone books - tsk, tsk - but online optimization helps businesses reach a wider market by keeping updated and eye-catching online content to drive more of the right customers to purchase your products or services.

"Google's search engine market share is more than 90%. Considering that there are almost 4.39 billion internet users, the number of Google users worldwide is nearly four billion. There are 246 million unique Google users in the US. Google usage statistics show Google Photos has over one billion active users."

Now lets talk about those free tools I mentioned before. Social Media has certainly changed the game for the business community, yet recent algorithm changes has made social media a not-as-effective tool for "free" marketing. Maintaining social media can be a job within itself, and it should be kept up when possible, but I'd like to introduce a solution that will not only strengthen the possibility of you showing up higher in the list of search results, but will also get you more "organic" customers who are looking for high quality businesses like yours. Social Media can help you maintain loyal customers, but what about creating new ones? It's called Google My Business Listing and all you have to do is claim yours! You can find it in the App store and as a business owner or professional, you owe it to yourself to monitor and keep yours updated. As you can see in the photo example below, when potential customers use Google to find businesses in the area, a GBL like these may show up:

Here you can see someone has searched in hopes of finding a local pet store. The top three results that popped up all have Google Business Listings and have shown up first in their results. Those first three listings are known as the Google 3-pack. Brands & Businesses that show up on Google’s local 3-pack get a whopping 700% boost in clicks over brands & businesses that don’t. That means just by claiming your GBL and keeping updated and eye-catching content you're going to boost your business considerably! As the 'searcher' scrolls through their options, the businesses with a GBL will have key-words, FAQs, & other pertinent information prominently displayed as a result of their search. Hours of operation, contact info, reviews, & location are the most common requests for business info, but a GBL will also allow you to make instant changes and updates to your business information. You can change your business hours at the tap of a screen, including any current C19 updates that affect your business. The benefits doesn't stop there, you can also upload menu options, products, descriptions, links to drive the customer to your personal website, and most importantly PICTURES - with all the user-friendly convenience that an App allows.


HOW Cat's Eye can help you get clicked

I'm currently partnering and collaborating with a few local businesses to offer a package that covers all the details of what I've been raving about above, coaching on how to improve your overall online presence, PLUS a whole gallery of photography for you to use for your website, social media, GBL, and more! Investing in Professional Business Photography is absolutely essential for navigating this digital age and I'm more inspired than ever to pursue my passion of business and marketing photography. When we got the news we'd be moving to Rangeley, Maine admittedly my online research left me disappointed with a dash of mover's remorse. Now, don't get me wrong, once we arrived, I was blown away by this community and all it has to offer; but I was also blown away at the disconnect between the quality of economy here vs. how it is represented online. Communities like ours are a lovely hidden gem, in my professional opinion, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be found by the customers and locals who appreciate that! Better business doesn't mean the business itself has to change, merely give itself room to improve, and I'm here to help with just that! Read below to hear about my first feature Mountain Miracles Med Spa, see the full gallery, and hear more about my Get Clicked Package.


Mountain Miracles Med Spa is the first of its kind in Western Maine, a physician-directed personal enhancement treatment center offering services for hair, skin, iv therapy, and healthy products to maintain your inner and outer glow. They have an itemized menu of their services and products, plus each of these ladies are educated and dedicated to guide you to the service that best fits your health and beauty needs. Their convenient downtown location has been recently renovated, with hopes to add a Mani/Pedi station downstairs with additional services offered in the near future! There certainly isn't another spa like it for hundreds of miles. Whether you need a fresh cut, treatments to help with cellulite, acne, or aging, or even vitamin infusions via IV therapy, MMMS is your one stop shop for all of your self-care necessities. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their current specials, or find them on Google! I have partnered with owner, Allissa Gurney, and her team to be an example of how even a newer business will flourish better with high quality branding content made visible to online searches - not to mention showcase their incredible services & staff. Allissa had approached me a few months before opening MMMS and I was able to give a skimmed summary of some fundamental business elements to help her establish her brand, so I've been overjoyed to follow her growth on social media (which has been refreshing, fun, and informational). Fast forward a few months into the demic, my hair needed some serious maintenance. I had seen a post on Facebook from MMMS saying they had openings. I knew that being a licensed medical professional herself, that even during these dire demic circumstances I would have a safe environment at her Salon & Spa. After receiving a wash, scalp massage, cut, and style for a jaw-droppingly affordable price, I left that day even more impressed with this business than ever. I knew I had to contact Allissa about partnering with me to help accurately represent the quality of her business with professional photography and in return show the community how my services can help them shine online as well! We had another short meeting where I pitched this campaign to her, and the rest as they say, is history.

(You can view the full gallery of my MMMS Photography showcasing their glowing and growing business at the bottom of this post.)

As a fresh business owner, it can be intimidating to even figure out where to start with branding content, and that's where I come in! I offered this package to the ladies at MMMS to give them professional quality images to use as a foundation for their branding and for future posts, editorials, website content, and more! These images will optimize their online presence by giving a clear and high quality visual of their location, their services, and their swanky decor! But you don't have to be a new business to take advantage of my Get Clicked package, longstanding businesses can profit from Get Clicked too! Keeping your loyal customers updated on your goods and services is just as important as attracting new ones! These days, customers are 60% more likely to choose a business with high quality, updated pictures. That means your visual presence online acts as your first impression - and we all know how important those are! Keep in mind, there's nothing wrong with utilizing pictures taken by your employees, yourself, or even your repeat customers, but professional images that define your business should be at the forefront of your online presence. The images on your website and in your marketing should be saying all the right things about your business; let your images speak for themselves and your online presence steal the attention of online searchers! If you're a local business owner and it's been a while (too long, maybe?) since the last time you took at look at your online first impression, contact me, Cat Herrera, about how I can create visual representations that say the most about your products or services - it's time to get you CLICKED!


What my 'Get Clicked' package includes:

-Introductory consultation to discuss your Branding

-4 hours of my onsite Photography Services

-Gallery of 50+ images -Search Engine, Social Media, and Website Consultation (How to best utilize your images online) -Shared Licensing Rights -"Repeat Client" Discount on any future Photography Services -Option to purchase Professional Prints A total value of $650 but for a limited time ONLY $450. Book this package with Cat between now and March 31st to lock in this special price! Scroll down to view the full gallery of my professional marketing photography ft. MMMS. These are prime examples of how to capture the essence of your business for an eye-catching online presence.



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