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Meet the Woman Behind the Lens

My name is Cat Herrera. I'm working on unapologetic confidence, regardless of how awkward writing about myself can be. I keep getting told that I spend too much time BEHIND the lens and not enough in front of it; the people have spoken, so here goes!

I am 29 years old, with a wandering spirit, and a big heart. Photography has always had a presence, but it wasn't until I started to travel that I realized it's what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I have a deep appreciation for culture shock and experiencing things from other people's perspectives, (the empath in me). I am an introvert through and through. I tend to be overly-nice when I'm nervous, thanks social anxiety, but I always strive to treat people with genuine kindness and respect. I'm good at listening and even better at telling you what I really think. My "aesthetic" has been described as dark and moody (accurate), but I'm mostly just a huge nerd with a sarcastic sense of humor. I'm fiercely loyal and protective of those I hold close. I'm that friend that you won't hear from for a few weeks, but the love is always there, I'm just kind of a loner.

My family is from coastal Maine, but I have also lived in Arkansas, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, & Mass. Since moving back to Maine in 2018, my husband and I settled in Rangeley originally, but we bought a house here a little over a year ago. We have an 11 year old son named Juno, plus 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 1 cat, and some freeloading salamanders in our basement. My husband deserves sainthood, but he's settled for me instead - HAH - honestly he is my person, and I never knew I'd be able to have a healthy relationship with a love this deep. #rideordie

I am Heathen. I also believe in the power of nature, science, self-reliance, and good old-fashioned human decency. I'm an advocate for the Environment and Human Rights, especially LGBTQ+. I also believe in the power of minding your own business and letting people have their own freedoms and opinions. Tragically, I've survived more than any woman should ever have to, (that's another conversation altogether) yet I'm proud that I've always had the gumption to overcome. Knock me down 9 times and I'll get up 10!

I used to beat myself up about jumping from one career path to another to support my photography habit, but I've grown to appreciate all the feathers in my cap. I've been a sous chef, a first responder, a retail manager, a bouncer, and a volunteer on organic farms, all while pursuing my ultimate dream of becoming a full-time traveling photographer with a minimalistic lifestyle. My hobbies include traveling, gardening, video games, reading & writing poetry/prose, hiking, studying Asatru & Runes, foraging, and landscape photography.

If you're still reading this, thank you for playing a part in helping me manifest my dreams by supporting and hiring my artistic services. I am so proud of how much I've grown, even in the past year, and even more grateful for my tribe who has helped me get here; the best is yet to come, I can promise you that!

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Daniel S Shedd
Daniel S Shedd

So that’s you. Well done!

Saw pic you took for RLHT. Also well done.


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