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So, what makes Cat's Eye Studio unique?

Cat Herrera is a Traveling Freelance Photographer, with many talents and aspirations.

 With over 10 years experience in Domestic, Landscape, and Travel Photography Cat has evolved her talents to help businesses, big & small, grow through media solutions. When you hire Cat, you're guaranteed a unique artistic perspective through high quality images to use for all your marketing needs. 

In this digital age Commercial Photography is essential for keeping your business up to date! Whether you're looking to buff up your social media presence, need new pictures for an updated menu, or just need to get some fresh content for your website, book Cat's Eye Studio. 

You can also order prints of Cat's Fine Art Photography from her travels and adventures to decorate your commercial space or your home. See the world through Cat's Eyes, or commission her to give your space a personal touch with special images of your local area & interests. You can choose from the current inventory, or order prints from Cat's portfolio that intrigue you the most.

Whatever your photography needs may be Cat will travel to YOU.


Photography for All your Artistic media needs

Stores, Venues, Hotels, Restaurants, Breweries.
Let me help you market your business with professional photography...


Whether you need new images for an updated menu, or merely to showcase your restaurant inside and out with high quality images to use on your website, social media, or marketing outlets...


Musicians, Models, Personal Trainers, and Artists of all kinds, let's capture you doing what you love most. Your trade, your talent, your brand!

Your Brand

You can order prints of my photography for commercial or personal use. Metal prints are my specialty, but photo paper, canvas, and wood prints are also available. Great for decorating homes, offices, and venues!

Photography Prints

I am delighted that you have taken an interest in my passion! A lot of people ask me, "Why 'Cat's Eye'?" Well simply put, my name is Cat, and this is the world through my eyes. I have traveled thousands of miles, to many different countries. In fact, besides photography and helping people, its really the only thing I want to do with my life. 

I believe in small businesses and investing back into the community and that's exactly what I aspire to do though my artistic abilities. When you book with me, your growth is my priority. I will work with you to highlight the facets that make your business unique and desirable. I will help you maximize your reach in this digital age with solutions for all your media needs. I can even help you with your Google Listing so you're found online faster, with premium content, and better reviews!


 I can guarantee that working with me means finding the most genuine medium to work with. Feel free to contact me anytime day or night. I can't wait to meet you!





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