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Erika N. | Wedding & Event Director

Cat was extremely accommodating from the start. She was upfront, and clear on what she does do and expect from clients which is great. I reached out to her as I came across her page and loved her artistic style of photos and how ‘moody’ they are. She was SO easy, and great to work with from the start. We planned to meet for a sunrise shoot and when the sun did not cooperate (lol) she was very adaptive to the changes, provided a few props and even a gift and coffee! She was personable and easy to be around. Not only all of these great things BUT she delivered a sneak peak in 12 hours which was jaw dropping. I am ecstatic to see the rest of that 1 was a simple glimpse. Highly recommend her and can’t wait to work with her again in the future.


Ashley Williamson, Mother

Cat made my family feel so comfortable! We are the type of family who never takes pictures, because frankly we never can all smile at once, or be coordinated enough to get a good one! Cat was patient and kind, and she knew exactly how to get the girls to smile! She picked an amazing spot (which she scoped out beforehand) meaning she took time out before the shoot, to find these places for us! It was calming and easy, nothing like I pictured! Thank you thank you again!! We recommend Cat for any of your photography needs!

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