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Purposely lost

Luxury Air BnB Treehouse & Woodland Goddess Session

Lead Photographer: Leah Carter Venue: Purposely Lost Treehouse, Maine (@purposelyl)

MUA: Amanda Hope Makeup Models: Ashley Baker (@brwn_eyed_baker) Nathan Skillings (@slinx766) & Sarah Hanafin (@sarahmindbodyfit).

Wow. Just WOW. I feel like I can't say enough about how amazing this artistic collaboration was. It was flawlessly orchestrated by the talented Leah Carter (@leahs_lens_) complete with wine, a cheese board, models, and a whole team of A-List photographers to capture that cozy Air BnB feel with professional precision and a creative perspective. I've been dying to get into this type of photography for some time, but wasn't sure where to start (having just moved back to Maine a couple of years ago). I've been following and admiring Leah's work for a while so when she posted about this opportunity I immediately pounced on it! Thanks, universe! So how does something like this work? And what's the point? Well - depending on the host/lead, each collaboration or content event is different. Leah organized this for each participating photographer to have a full hour time-slot. That meant, 30 mins inside the treehouse with two models at the ready to help emphasize the cozy vibe, and 30 mins outside with another model for a stylized woodland-themed portrait session. I don't know if you, reader, have ever tried to cram that many photos into a single session, but let me tell ya - it takes refined skills! Pictures like this are great for promoting Air BnB listings to give a more lived-in feel (seeing other people enjoying themselves in a space is twice as likely to encourage potential clients/guests to book with you!) You can even rent out unique properties like these to do your own private, stylized portrait session. Either way it makes a great addition to any photographer's portfolio! The entire session flew by, but luckily I was able to snatch up some final exterior images just as I was leaving. I left the session feeling a tad anxious, thinking that I hadn't got quite as many shots as I had hoped, but as soon as I started culling these my eyes got wider and wider. Why do I ever doubt myself? If you figure that out, let me know; because as I finished each edit, they came with a little squeal of excitement. For obvious reasons, I wish I was able to capture more, but I'm so confident in this gallery and I can't wait for the next opportunity like this to emerge! I am so grateful to Leah for making this a possibility and giving me the kickstart I needed to dive into this genre of photography. I hope to work with all of these amazing creatures again, very soon! I will be hosting my own Hiking & Lodging Promo shoot, Memorial Day Weekend, where we will have a total of 4-5 hours - half of the time will be spent photographing a short hike around the Appalachian Trail & Smalls Falls to capture some Adventure photography. Then we will trek over to snap coverage of this cute little motel that is popular to hikers, skiers, sled heads, and other travelers, the Spillover. I'm particularly excited about setting up some food, beers, and board games down in the community kitchen / game-room to give a genuine feel of the amenities there. I can only hope it goes just as smoothly and successfully as this Treehouse session did!

This collaboration gave me the opportunity to expand on my Travel / Lodging portfolio and ultimately that's exactly the type of work I want to be doing. Travel bloggers and influencers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, however, social media has opened up new doors and avenues that were near impossible before. It is my personal goal to be a full-time Travel & Adventure photographer, with an emphasis on small businesses and local activities that you can find in your area. I want to uncover hidden gems, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and convey it all with my lens... so, how did I do?

(scroll to view full gallery) Don't forget to follow me on my adventures for live updates and behind the scenes content Instagram: @voyagingvalkyrie | @photosbycatseye FB:

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